Starry Night

Greater (wo)men than I have created stirring renditions of these simple words, far and above what I can currently accomplish. But here is the story of my Starry Night, painted for my father.


Here I have collected a few pieces that inspire me or that i like an aspect of. I think watercolor really shines in its expansive ability to express gradients, and I love the colors the one with the tree shows, it reminds me of nebulas without actually being a nebula, becuase you can’t really see those with the naked eye. The other I included because even though the night sky, at it’s core, is all about light, you have to include enough darkness for the light to make an impact.

One other aspect of this project that is accuracy. It is my intention, though i’m not yet sure how i’m going to achieve it, to make the more obvious stars accurate. I’d like to include some constallations, specifically this view:
constellations(Thank you Planetarium by Neave (Chrome extension))
Now I just need to figure out how this view interacts with the milky way….

Comp in Photoshop-


Here’s where I have some fun digitally. I combined some my favorite images to get a composition that I liked. Next I’ll overlay the constellations and milkyway placement for a final comp.

Final comp:
Starry-Night-full-compComing Soon: