New Photos

As hinted at on Sunday, I now have a new desktop computer!! It’s big, it’s beautiful, it’s fast, and it WORKS. /happy sigh.

One of the challenges with my old machine, which wasn’t my machine at all, was that it had some issues working with any type of external drives. This made me VERY hesitant to hook up my Backup drives, my external drive, or my camera… So basically I had NO photos to work on because I was worried the computer was going to bork them. Now, however…

Here are some goodies I whipped up. These are mostly old. New ones to come see. I’ve got close to 1000 NRW format photos to load… that takes a while.

Azula, channeling her inner Lion

Didn’t do a lot: surface-blured background, deepened blacks, saturated eyes, selective sharpening.

Blue Door in Ballard

Experimented with some cross-processing here. Also added some grain and blur to simulate film.

Saloon in Ballard

Bookah effect is rain on the lens. Couldn’t have planned it better. Dropped saturation, and played with toning/luminosity to get a bit of an HDR effect.


Frustrated with her eyes on this one. It would have been so much better if she were looking at me. Not totally happy with it.

Blessed Sacrament

Looking like something right out of Europe, this is actually the Domican Priory in Seattle, WA. Played with the levels in greyscale to find the best contrast.

Mae & Azula

Going for an old-fashioned effect. Added a lot of grain, played with greyscale levels, and a heavy vignette.


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