Sewing & Ikea

It has taken a while, but we are finally settling in to the new place. We still need a few finishing touches, like hanging the pictures and a few projects I have planned, but mostly we are done.

A big part of making this place feel homey was adding bookshelves. It doesn’t have a lot of storage, and what there is, is behind closed doors. A trip to Ikea and assembling our old shelves helped a lot. I don’t have before pictures because let’s be honest, who wants to show their house in total disarray? As it is, the shelves are just UP, not arranged. Books/DVD’s are piled on and not sorted or arranged. Maybe that will be a future before/after post. In the meantime….

(Please excuse crappy phone photos. Having a bit of technical difficulty with the nice camera integrating with the computer.)

Living Room shelf: This will eventually hold DVD’s, TV/Game storage, and Fantasy books. The bottom shelf will hold blankets, but to avoid them becoming a cat-fur deposit station, I usually put something hard on top of them. Looks a bit odd, but it keeps the blankets clean. Mabye one or two things will go on top, but i’m not a fan of excessive clutter, so I’ll keep it simple.

Living Room Shelf

Entry Shelf: Classics, Music, and “Old Fashioned” books. i.e., books that look old and classic, no printed covers. Also obviously not yet arranged. The plant, until moved to this location, served as a chew-toy for our older kitty, which is why it so much the worse for wear. I have little hope of reviving it to its former glory.


Hallway Shelf: Other books. This will be arranged by hardback/softback, then by author to make sure series stay together. Note the collection of year-books on the ground mashed between book-shelf and wall. >.<  This is because the bookshelf is a POS and tilted drunkenly. I discovered that (until my daddy comes up and brings his saw to help add backs to the cheaper shelves,) wedging something against the base added to the stability. I still don’t think it would be a good idea to pack this baby to capacity though.


Studio Shelves: <3 <3 <3 Floating wall shelves. This, and the rest of my studio, will be a future post as well. Right now it’s… functional. I am not displeased, but it’s not the haven of beautiful inspiration that I would like it to be. These shelves really add to the appeal and functionality. Because of the type of wall that we have (plaster) and because these ikea shelves FORCE you to drill a certain distance apart (come on ikea…. make a screw slot so we can line up on studs,*) these shelves are only rated to hold 11lbs each. I don’t plan on putting books on them, mostly craft supplies, so that’s ok.



As far as sewing goes, I started my project-finishing-marathon. So far I have repaired 3 skirts, 1 shirt, and i’m attempting to piece together old quilt squares as a surprise for a certain family member that may or may not read this blog, so I can’t say more.  :)

Also on the list:  Apron Marathon, (I have 5 or 6 cut and ready to do, I just need to crank them out,) Cammo-shirt re-fashion, drawstring bags, and a cute purse based this on pattern by Sew4Home. Mine will be a bold solid with Plaid-peeking out, and probably a (removable) fabric flower for accent in the same plaid.

Replaced Zipper

Took in sides to size smaller.

Added lining for modesty.

*Wow that sounds dirty out of context.


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