Update and Goals

I am not dead. I’m employed! I am now a digital designer at Wizards of the Coast and working my tail off to earn the very generous salary they have offered. Wow does it feel good to have a “career!”

I work here now!

I am already noticing a tendancy away from the computer in my free time, and maybe even away from design. I plan to nip this in the bud! I am a very creative person and while the tasks they set me are well within my capabilities and mostly fun, they are no stretch of the imagination and i NEED that stretching to be happy.

That said, my plan is to post a project of some sort- hopefully design related, but sewing/photography/furniture refinishing/decorating will work as well- once a week. My post day will most likely be Sunday.

The jist of what I do at Wizards is adding images to daily articles…. forcing myself to write at least one article a week should fall well within my┬ácapabilities. I’m a bit concerned that this blog will start to lean a bit towards the casual/free time/artsy, but considering the point of this blog was to showcase my abilities to start my career, which is off to a blaring start, I think I’m alright with the genre morph.

Some specific posts I’m planning on:


Posting some fun edits of M&M’s wedding photos, incorporating PS actions

Home improvement, Ikea style!

Sewing marathon: 2 days of solid project FINISHING. (nothing new. just finishing. Anything not finished will be seriously considered for donation/garbage)

Drawing: Lilacs & Faeries, but not together. it’s a long story.

Tutorials: Once I get into the swing of a once a week schedule, I’d like to add at least one tutorial a week. This might not happen until I’m a bit faster/better at work, because i forsee doing these in my free time between other projects. I honestly have been taking no breaks at all, other than lunches to play Magic with coworkers or Adam, so I don’t think taking a little time to keep on the bleeding edge of design skills would be looked down on.


I have a mile-long list of projects that I want to do, but mostly they were a means to an end: Do x.y.z to show I have a,b,c skills to get blah jog. Well, I GOT the job, and it’s not blah. So ….. now i want to bike/cook/relax/draw/sew in my free time, and I think that’s just fine.