Portfolio, progress, pregnancy.

In case the subtly of adding a page goes without notice- please check out the tabs at the top. There’s now a “Portfolio” page. Amazing how well Adobe tools can adapt to your purpose once you know how to use them. Of course, it could be much better. Above and beyond getting superior work I could add eye-catching file names and OCD info and tags and… and… and… well, to be honest, i’d rather let my work speak for itself.

Though not apparent here, I have been making some greatĀ progressĀ at my internship. It’s a challenging atmosphere. A very “get it done. no we don’t have time to help you figure out this thing you’ve never done before, and no we won’t pay you” atmosphere, but I try to take it all in stride and learn from it. Lately we have been dealing with issues with customers. (Parr for the course, I’m learning.) Specifically, they have no fraking idea what they want and we’re being forced (read: I, me and myself are being forced) to do their business logic for them. >.< not my favorite place to be, but I can’t deny it’s educational.

On the plus side, I’m learning more about how to make Client Admin web mockups (which they oh-so-incorrectly call “backend.” … that is NOT a backend. That is, in fact, FRONT end, shall I write a glossary for you?) and how to use wordpress templates. What I’d really like, is to find a tutorial (or mentor?) that will show me what the best practices are for creating a web page (for whatever purpose) and how to best present it to the developers. For instance… red lines like the microsoft people use? Ok, so just how specific are red lines? Do they include functional specs? What about the photoshop layers? Should I just create a single document with layer comps (my preferred method) or do they really need a different document for each page? (oh the nightmare if there’s one tiny navigation change on all pages…) OR!…. is there another way? I learn SO very quickly, but I feel like this place isn’t here to teach me (um, isn’t that what internships are supposed to do Vianki? YES! Yes they are!) It’s very frustrating, but I can’t deny I am learning a lot. Just not about what I thought was relevant.

And Lastly… Why. The . F. is everyone having babies? I mean SERIOUSLY. If I have to see one more new-born pic on Facebook I think I’ll deactivate my account. -.-