Sinister Surrealism

Why does Surrealism have to be so ….. Dark? It’s just sinister and evil a lot of the time. Case in point-This article  showcases some surrealistic art. From artistic bondage to skulls to deformed brains, it’s all so mutated and wrong.

Surrealism, to me, mean things that are too- X- to be real. Too… grand? Beautiful? Hopeful? Colorful? Clean? Bright? Perfect? The world has enough of VERY REAL morbid, evil, horrid, awful things that to focus on them when making surrealist art seems counter productive. The world IS evil and dark and ugly. That is not surreal. Surreal is a summer day that you feel will never end. Surreal is the week that the cherry blooms seem like they’ve always been and always will be. Surreal is that perfect glint from the perfect cloud on the perfect scene with the old barn and the white horse and the too-green grass that you see in a flash as you drive by, but is never again quite the same even if you go back to take pictures.

Love is real and surreal. Listen to the birds and the sound of falling water. Look at the 20-thousand shades of green you can see in a single tree with spring blooms. Feel your pet cat/dog/rabbit and marvel that these things are SO real, that they are surreal. In a world of fiction, reality has become perfection.


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