Photography Practice

After reading a great article explaining some photography basics I’ve been having trouble grasping, I went out to practice a bit. Here are the results.

Aperature Practice

Using the aperture priority and a small-number aperture, I can focus on the rock (left) and blur the background, or focus on the background (right) and blur the rock. Or, I can use a large-number aperture and see both in focus.


Aperature Practice2


Aperature Practice3

Left- Cat in Focus. Right- Flower in focus.

If anyone has tried getting focus like this using the auto setting, they know it would be impossible to get the shot on the left. The camera would never automatically ignore the flower. Being able to maipulate the tools is what makes art possible, instead of just a snapshot of a specific place in time.

And some more, just for fun.

Flower Crop

Pink Flower

And Playing with Shutter speed Priority-


Shutter Speed

Slow Shutter speed makes the water milky and give motion. In this case, it also blurred the rest of the photo a bit because I didn’t have a tripod. A fast Shutter speed captures the water in action, crystal clear.


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