Skin and Bones

The fight many face everyday against eating disorders, depression, and anxiety resonates with me. The current pro-ana culture very close to sucked me in with its fiendish glamour and the best response I can think of is to respond in kind. That said-


Skin and Bones

Supposedly beautiful words, a hopeful message, but behind- The truth. Nothing against Coldplay, I’m sure they didn’t originally mean the lyrics as they’ve become, but this phrase is a mantra for the obsessively self-hating pro-ana community. I just wanted to present the words along with the actual end goal.

There is nothing glamorous about death.



I have been quiet lately, and that is largely because….


I got an Internship!


It is for a local mobile app start-up and my job is a combination of graphic design and some customer service and administrative duties. Unfortunately I can’t post my work here, so posts will likely slow down. Oddly enough, when I spend all day learning and doing design I’m less inclined to do so when I get home. Go figure.

Oh, and it’s been sunny. I can feel my freckles merging from all the time outside.


Have a great day everyone!

Sinister Surrealism

Why does Surrealism have to be so ….. Dark? It’s just sinister and evil a lot of the time. Case in point-This article  showcases some surrealistic art. From artistic bondage to skulls to deformed brains, it’s all so mutated and wrong.

Surrealism, to me, mean things that are too- X- to be real. Too… grand? Beautiful? Hopeful? Colorful? Clean? Bright? Perfect? The world has enough of VERY REAL morbid, evil, horrid, awful things that to focus on them when making surrealist art seems counter productive. The world IS evil and dark and ugly. That is not surreal. Surreal is a summer day that you feel will never end. Surreal is the week that the cherry blooms seem like they’ve always been and always will be. Surreal is that perfect glint from the perfect cloud on the perfect scene with the old barn and the white horse and the too-green grass that you see in a flash as you drive by, but is never again quite the same even if you go back to take pictures.

Love is real and surreal. Listen to the birds and the sound of falling water. Look at the 20-thousand shades of green you can see in a single tree with spring blooms. Feel your pet cat/dog/rabbit and marvel that these things are SO real, that they are surreal. In a world of fiction, reality has become perfection.

Photography Practice

After reading a great article explaining some photography basics I’ve been having trouble grasping, I went out to practice a bit. Here are the results.

Aperature Practice

Using the aperture priority and a small-number aperture, I can focus on the rock (left) and blur the background, or focus on the background (right) and blur the rock. Or, I can use a large-number aperture and see both in focus.


Aperature Practice2


Aperature Practice3

Left- Cat in Focus. Right- Flower in focus.

If anyone has tried getting focus like this using the auto setting, they know it would be impossible to get the shot on the left. The camera would never automatically ignore the flower. Being able to maipulate the tools is what makes art possible, instead of just a snapshot of a specific place in time.

And some more, just for fun.

Flower Crop

Pink Flower

And Playing with Shutter speed Priority-


Shutter Speed

Slow Shutter speed makes the water milky and give motion. In this case, it also blurred the rest of the photo a bit because I didn’t have a tripod. A fast Shutter speed captures the water in action, crystal clear.