Using the 960 Grid System as a Design Framework | Webdesigntuts+

Using the 960 Grid System as a Design Framework | Webdesigntuts+.

As a resource, I’d highly recommend this article if you’re learning about web page design. Using this and a tutorial from PDStuts+ I’ll be posting my first cookie-cutter webpage soon. Hopefully followed shortly by a first draft of my soon-to-be portfolio page and then by my (at this point rather empty) MTG card archive.

What I’m working on at this point, though it looks like a bunch of random skills, is developing the range of skills I need to fill out a rather wide, entry-level portfolio. Web pages are next on the agenda. As you can see with my previous posts, Photoshop skills have been my focus for a while. I will continue to use Photoshop to design the web pages then move on to Illustrator (again following Adobe’s classroom in a book for CS5.5) and then on to photography skills as well as developing Brand Identities for some real and imaginary companies. Throughout this, I’ll continue to work on aesthetic sensitivity, color sensitivity, and an awareness of the design around me.


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