Personal Photography- Playing with HDR

First- the original Photos. These were taken through my studio window of my backyard. It was right after I got my new nikon and they are not staged or well composed, just snapshots. Mostly I was just playing with settings. While organizing some files I realized they’d make a great set to experiment with HDR.

Nature & Textures_010712_0003Nature & Textures_010712_0001Nature & Textures_010712_0002

And here is the Combined image after using Photoshop’s HDR Merge and adjusting the settings.

Fountain HDR

And here it is after cropping and some more edits.

Fountain HDR Edit ColorFountain HDR edit BnW


Given a little more time I could have eliminated the “shadows” of my healing on the fountain. I did all these in less than an hour though, and played with a few more options which I didn’t show here. (partial B&W, graded saturation) but they were too gimmicky.


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