Business Card Practice

These won’t (I don’t think) become my actual business cards. For that I’m thinking mostly white, simple clean logo, dark grey shadow text… something super ME. These aren’t very me. They are, however, great practice.


biz card 1 sampleBiz Card sample 2


I’m having some issues with converting RGB/CMYK. I keep seeming to do things in the wrong order and losing colors or getting different effects. Sometimes what I get is awesome and I go with it, but mostly I’m just getting frustrated. I think this is an area I need to do a bit more research.

I also need to (as mentioned before) get better about savings states. On another project I got confused and thought that layer comps did mostly the same thing… they TOTALLY don’t. >.< It’s just so easy to get carried away working, then realize you’re totally off base and want to go back… Even having set my history to 100 states I am still sometimes screwed. 100 brushstrokes if you’re manually editing a mask really isn’t that many. This is what learning is for!


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