Shōgun Poster/Book Cover

My favorite book is Shōgun by James Clavell. I really should read it again, it’s been probably 10 years. (that makes me feel old.)

Inspired by a tutorial, and intending on following the tutorial but with my own images, I have proceeded to ignore the tutorial and do my own thing… which is a photo composite Poster. Once again I have ruthlessly stolen the images from others and will reference my sources below. This is portfolio work, so no copyright infringement is intended.

This is a series because I wanted to show some of my production process and the options I had. So- the first composites-

All Black and White. Simple- Ship and Japanese War Flag only. ShoGun book cover sample

Spot Color
ShoGun Cover Sample 3

Spot Color w/ VingetteShoGun Cover Sample 3 vingette

Messy Ink (or blood?) type. Slight emboss. ShoGun Cover Sample Ink Type

Asian-ish Script Type. This one feels a bit weak to me, even with the emboss. The title competes with the sun too much. Perhaps bolder, perhaps different placement…. this is what composites are for!

ShoGun Poster Japanscript Type

Working on these I’m learning a valuable lesson.. a few actually.

1- when I make a good change to something- like a vector mask or gettitng blending layers right- name, save, and copy that “good” layer to all other documents that might use it instead of messing around with it again.

2- Mock-ups are my friend. Throw together sketches and narrow down to one or two options before doing all the finicky stuff. I have thrown out so much work simply because I changed my mind. >.<

That’s it for the simple composites. More to come with other elements incorporated.



Special Thanks to the artists for these images:




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