HDR Toning Practice

I don’t spend a lot of time taking photographs because I don’t feel I have the skills yet. A catch 22, I know. The fact is I USED to spend a lot of time taking pictures and didn’t learn anything pushing buttons. So I’ve decided that I’ll arm myself with knowledge, then play a bit, repeat, and learn that way.

In the meantime, I see no reason not to practice some awesome HDR techniques. This is done using photopshop and a single image. It’s not as detailed as it would be with multiple exposures, but the basics of how to use the technique are the same. The original photo (on the left) is by pinholepirate and can be found here. The edit on the right is mine.

HRD Tone Practice

Personally, in this case I think the original is better. HDR can produce some beautiful results, but working with a 72 ppi image creates some stair-stepping. Also, yellow is not my favorite color. I could have gone desaturated, but that pulls some of the punch from the HDR. I really do like the increased contrast, but the additional detail on the water is a bit distracting. Over all…. I’d say they both have their merits but it’s not art, just practice.


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