Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book Chp:11

I am SO excited about this lesson. It talks about using the mixer brush, which is my favorite tool! Despite it being my favorite, I sometimes have issues getting it to do exactly what I want. It’ll drag a color I don’t want in, or the blending will be muddy. And I’m never quite sure how to fix it, I just play til I get something close to what I want. That’s why this is exciting- I should learn in this chapter how to use it, clean, and change the settings to do exactly what I want. Woot!

Ok- Racing again. “About one hour” is what the book says.

3..2..1..GO! (11:55)

DONE! 12:46

Not as quick, but I had some major difficulties, possible hardware issues. I think a shift key is sticking and my keyboard is randomly dropping letters and inverting digits. Not sure what’s up, I’ll have to look into it.

Technical difficulties aside- OMD that’s awesome. Coincidence that Harder-Better-Faster-Stonger is playing? I think not! That’s exactly how I feel about this tool now! There are numerous projects that I have already found it invaluable and a better understand of its calibrations will be very helpful.

So- a fun little practice exercise- it started with a blank palate and just the tubes. you sample color from the tubes and play with the wet/dry and bristles then apply the colors to the palate and mix.


And here’s the Before and After for a photo turned painting-


Masterpiece? I think not. But a good learning experience. I had MUCH better luck with the brush they had me create once I lowered the stiffness. The very high stiffness (87%) blended incredibly little paint when combined with a pen-tab as the GUI tool. I have the ability to finesse it a lot more with my Intous 3 than possible with the mouse, so once I dropped that to about 50% it started blending a lot better. Just figuring that out probably took 20 min. I think I tried every setting about 5 times before I thought to change that one.

Learned a lot that’s widely applicable. Another good tutorial.


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