Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book Chp:10

The lesson overview for this chapter includes using guides, saving selections, applying color effects, filters, layer styles, recording animations to automate a series of steps and blending images to create a panorama.

It says it’ll take 90 minutes. This is a race!

Pandora is booming.

I have my soda.

I just went pee.

3….2…1…. GO! (9:41 am)


DONE! (10:57)

90 minute Parr

76 minute actual

I’d say that’s pretty good! So why race? Isn’t rushing bad? What about quality? What about results?

My thoughts on the matter are all about efficiency. The fastest speed with the greatest quality is the most efficient. I could have nit-picked this project into obilvion and taken 3 hrs on it. But would the minute improvements be worth the additional time? There are some things that are worth perfection, and ALL things are worth adhering to high standards and best practices. Knowing where to draw the line (pun intended) is a skill that I am working on developing. Occasionally “racing” on a project, especially when I have an estimated time to compete with, is healthy and educational. Now for the finished projects!

The first is a post-card souvenir with multiple filter effects. IMHO it’s very over-done and too busy, but I followed the directions. The finished product may be a horrendous conglomerate of effects, but it did succeed in teaching me a few new things- like smart filters. /greedy fingers


The next was a panorama poster. This used the color blend tool, which is very cool. It also used the panorama tool, which I already knew about. The coolest thing was filling in some missing sky with a gradient based on existing colors, then auto-blending the layers. SO cool! You can still just barely tell, but only if you know what to look for. (click to see it bigger… I think?)


Overall, this project actually taught me quite a few things I hadn’t learned before AND I completed it 15 min faster than the projected time. /WIN all around.


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