Asesthetic Sensitivity: 2

Back to Asesthetic Sensitivity and how to develope it. I’ll start by restating my definition:
Aesthetic Sensibility is the knowledge and understanding of art, its concepts and its frameworks, be it music, visual art, professional/best practices, literature, dance, theatre or nature.  It includes the ability to recognize and critique composition, color, history, meaning, balance, porportion, application, expression and emotion among others.

It can be developed through ongoing immersion, study of the history, critical analysis of pieces of art, and an openness of art of every from at all times.

So now- how to develop it? Submersing yourself in art is wonderful and thrilling, but what questions should be asked and pondered for greatest growth? I’ve boiled it down to this series of questions and plan on visiting the Bellevue Art Museum, listening to some music i listen to all the time but never really ponder, and taking a look at some of my RSS feeds that have “Good examples of “X” web page” type posts and asking these questions. Might get tedious, but I imagine with practice it’ll get easier to gloss over the less relevant questions appropriate to the piece and get the jist quickly.

Things to consider when appreciating art to build AS:
Your first gut reaction.
The artist, time period, geography, and cultural influences.
What reaction does the work evoke?
How did the artist achieve this reaction?
Is it what you think the artist intended?
Materials? (types, instruments, venue… not just paint v digital. applies too all art)
Focus points. What is the mind or eye or ear drawn to? Why?
What is the art REALLY about? At least 3 layers.
Why was it created?
Do I like it? Find it valuable? Worth collecting/sharing?

Visual art: Color, tone, shadow, composition, subject, distance, framing
Music: Key, dynamics, mood, timing
Graphic Art: Legibility, intent, concept conveyance, personality/impression of brand

Door Study

For example:
Gut reaction: Beautiful. Lovely, warm, inviting tones. Great use of light. I want to do Yoga here.
The artist, time period, geography, and cultural influences. The artist is Sentimentalfreak at . I like a lot of his work.  It’s very soft and moody. It is modern/current. He lives in Austrailia. Browsing his Gallery I’d say his influences are nature, fantasy, a love of color, and high-strung emotions. A lot of his work is very evocative. A lot is also very obviously skill exercises, as this one is. A work of art on its own, yes, but still practice for something.

What reaction does the work evoke? Warmth. Calming thought. Space to think. Luxurious laziness. This to me is a place where the mind can wander and move in directions unskewed by the tumultuous world.

How did the artist achieve this reaction? Warm colors, crisp whites, uncluttered scene, natural wood, interesting but not distracting wall texture

Is it what you think the artist intended? His caption is “Windows are doors for the mind to walk through.” So yes, I think that’s exactly what he intended.
Materials? 3D Art/Digital art. This is so detailed I thought it was a photograph but the comments confirm it is 100% 3D. Remarkable.
Focus points.  The light on the floor. the eye is naturally drawn to the lightest/darkest part of the picture (depending on the composition) and usually to somewhere just off-center. The light on the floor is that, then the light makes an arrow towards the window/curtains and you then take in the crisp and flowing textures of the fabric.
What is the art REALLY about? Why was it created? surface: practice light/texture/wood/shadows. Deeper: Creating something beautiful while learning/applying techniques. Deeper: Conveying a sense of mental freedom, an image to escape into, somewhere for the mind to pace.

Do I like it? I think it’s beautiful. Nothing to write home about or print and frame, unless it fit the room just so, but it’s pretty. It’s in my favorites on Deviant Art and I look to those for inspiration. A sort of mental palate-cleansing when I need a break from the tedious exercises I set for myself.


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