Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book Chp:8

Working with Vectors and Custom Shapes.

A fun one. I like it when the media is entertaining, or at least interesting. I think designing for a toy store, or small mom&pop diner/cafe/market would be really fun. There would be a lot of freedom to develop a specific look and feel to the products/marketing.

I suppose just one place wouldn’t really have the volume to support a just-designer. When you work full time for one place it seems they want an  Alice. Someone that will do everything, not just the design. They want web support, and html, and CSS, and tech support, and wireframes and and and and….. It seems like to just design, the only way is to work for a firm or freelance. I’m working on figuring that one out. Right now I keep getting in my way. I look at a job description and think- I don’t know how to do half of that!! So I don’t apply. But what if I did? What if they wanted to talk? What if I didn’t work out for that job but they knew a guy that knew a place…. I have to get out of my way.

Anyway- Here’s the rocket. Theirs then mine.



And Mine-



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