Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book Chp:6

Masks, Channels and Puppet Warp.

This is the image they give to start with. Ok… not a great model. Looks a bit slack-jawed… Maybe he’s watching TV? A hamburger commercial maybe?


This is what their finished product looks like.

Their After

This is my finished product.

My After

The first things I notice are that the shadows are different- but that was intentional. The way their’s is makes it look independent, not at all like it’s a product of light and shadow. It looks as if it’s Peter Pan’s shadow, about to leap away! Not my thing. So my shadow is a bit tamer. Another artistic-license change was the hair. They so over-did the “subtle” color change that it looks washed out and very fake. No likey. I won’t even go into how much I dislike how they maximized on the worst feature of the image by tilting it that way. Bleh. Good practice at the puppet warp though. And showed my how to rotate a specific number of degrees, which I previously didn’t know how to do.

The next thing is the hair- you can really tell from the shadow that something I did- be it in the original masking or how I refined the edge when making the shadow, made it a lot chunkier and less realistic. The fact that I’m not sure where I went wrong tells me I might not have been paying enough attention. I’ll have to polish these skills later. In the meantime, soldier on!


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