Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book Chp:5

Lots of stuff in this chapter….

Using Camera Raw to adjust white balance, sharpness, tone, and apply to multiple images.



This shot is actually a combination of 3 images, both under and over exposed, using photoshop’s HDR Pro. I don’t know anything about that program beyond what i did here but I think it merits delving a little deeper. It made some wonderful changes that even camera raw wouldn’t have been able to do for lack of detailed information on any single image.

On a different note, when we worked on this image in class someone called out “Geeze! Give the girl a sandwhich!” This bothered me. I won’t say offended, but at least bothered. I, as an artist, photographer, editor, designer, am not hired to offer opinions on the subject matter beyond their viability to the medium. If this were an ad for ….. an old folks home… I could easily question it and put out a comment about it not being appropriate, her being so young. But to just lash out and voice opinions about individuals is really aggravating to me. With pictures all over the internet and anonymity being such a catalyst to inappropriate comments i have to wonder what people say when they see pictures of me, or my art. Free speech is great, but come on people, show a little tact and grace. I miss the 20’s.

/tirade off. Heavy edits to this. Combined images for tone correction, blemish/flaw edits, saturation enhancement to eyes/lips, and (not in the tutorial) a little digital makeup and saturation highlights to hair. I actually think I think the lips are a little too bright, but I couldn’t decide so I left it.



Adjust Shadows and Highlights, fix red eye

I’m not that impressed with this fix actually. The glow around her is awful and the fuzzy noise around her cap isn’t addressed.



Adding perspective-

Ok, this one I totally don’t get. I mean, I see what it did, but really? why? I can see this applied to wonderful effect in surrealism, but in normal photography? Maybe it’s just a poor example, because I think it makes the photo look fake.



Tomorrow- Masks and Channels! Scary at first, but soon indispensable.


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