Asesthetic Sensitivity: What is it? How is it developed?

Asesthetic Sensitivity: 

Aesthetic Sensibility is the knowledge and understanding of art and its concepts and frameworks, be it music, visual art, professional/best practices, literature, dance, theatre or nature.  It includes the ability to recognize and critique composition, color, history, meaning, balance, porportion, application, expression and emotion.It can be developed through ongoing immersion, study of the medium’s history, critical analysis of pieces of art, and an openness to art of every from at all times.

Other definitions found all over the web: (informal preliminary research, not cited.)
Aesthetic sensibility is the ability to perceive aesthetically. It is being open to sensation of beauty.
Know and understand the variety of aesthetic frameworks that have shaped, and continue to shape, human creative arts. Analyze and evaluate the aesthetic principles at work in literary and artistic composition, intellectual systems, and disciplinary and professional practices. Collaborate with others in projects involving aesthetic awareness, participation and/or analysis.Read more:

This paper explores the contextual value of solitude in learning; in so doing, it attempts to suggest an alternative method of instruction that is based on aesthetics as the reciprocal relationship between emotions and intellect, and between action and contemplation. Such an aesthetic education or method seeks to guide the student towards the attainment of her own life: to perfect, as much as possible, her human qualities in what she does by paying attention to the things of Beauty. The method that the essay uses is both historical and interdisciplinary: it draws from theology, philosophy, the sciences and visual art; and, it is guided by an explanatory perspective that is constructive.
What is Aesthetic Sensibility? Describe the conditions under which it can be developed?

this is an ability to appreciate things of fine qualities esp in art and literature. it can be developed by perusing and understanding them.
Aesthetic Sensibility and the Arts

Develop an understanding of and gain an appreciation for artistic expression in various forms including fine art, music, literature, dance, theater, and the cinematic and electronic arts.

Develop an ability to make informed aesthetic judgments.

Demonstrate an understanding of artistic expression through analysis and/or creation.


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