Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book Chp:2`

Chapter 2: Retouching, Resolution/size, Camera Raw, Tonal rance, Crop/straighten, color replacement, sponge tool, clone stamp, spot healing brush, content aware, unsharp mask, save for page layout application.

Retouching Strategy:

1. Duplicate for recovery

2. Check resolution/color mode for desired output

3. Crop to final size/straighten

4. Repair flaws

5. Adjust overall contrast/tone

6. Remove color casts

7. Sharpen/soften all or portions

Practice all the above steps in a photo edit.


Their Edit -After

My edit differs from theirs in a few ways. Personally, i felt their colors were too saturated, too cool, and that the clarity of the blacks was compromised. In my edit, i additionally used the burn tool on the black parts of the graffiti, added a green down-ward tint on the girl’s face (makes no sense for her face to reflect pink when the hat is green….>.< ) and went with just slightly warmer tones. Not a huge difference, but i like the finished product better.

My Edit- After

Chp. 2 Extra Credit:

Use camera raw to convert to greyscale. Play with tone/saturation. Personal addition- play with color tones to minutely adjust image.

Original- Before

Greyscale- After

And to show the difference that can be made with subtle modifications to color outputs in B&W…. another greyscale edit.

After #2


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