We all start somewhere.

It’s getting part starting into the doing and being and creating that’s a challenge.

It’s all about having a plan of Attack!

WRAWR!!! <—- see that? …. That’s not a plan of attack, that’s just an attack.

THIS is a plan of attack:

1) Leave creative energy-sucking vortex that is my current job.
2)Build portfolio that includes:
Established Identity: Website (wordpress at first), Biz cards, Brochure)
1-3 icon sets
2-5 Identities (Vianki Studios, a few others, demonstrating very different feels and messages. Include biz cards, stationary, logo, appropriate packaging, and web site layout (just as image, not as web site. Research red-line drawing mock-ups and do a visual, then a mock.)
Wordpress theme
Completed aspects of “Sleepless” (Maps, icons, layout, layers versatility, concept art)
Drawings and sketchs (as concepts, not finished artwork)
Portrait Edits
Creative Edits (tshirt/magazine/iconography/web design)
Digital paintings
3) Resume (info & dates for projects. job history. goals.)
4) Search for internships/parttime/contract/freelance/full time work:
Graphic Designer
Graphic Artist
UX Design
UX Mockup
Advertising/Marketing Design
Print Shop
5) Find Start-ups where I can work as Sales/Customer Service/Management to get a foot in, the shift to design. Desired industries are:
Photography/Photo retouching/Production
Games (social, online, console, educational, apps)
Health (Real health. primal style. not conventional wisdom.)
6) Work dilegently while building skill, increasing knowledge, and continuing to self-educate.
7) Repeat 1-6.